15 July 2008

the stuff dreams are made of

My allergies are the worst they've been in quite some time; worse than when the world begins to bloom in the spring, releasing all their toxins, i mean pollens.  Even worse than in the fall when all the plant life mutates into dying, rotting, decaying mold and dust.  This morning, I blew my nose so hard that my right eye popped out and ricocheted off the computer screen and rolled under the bed {eeek, dustbunnies}; requiring a soaking in saline along with my sinuses.  My throat and ears are removable as well, allowing me to scrub and rinse them thoroughly.  Sooooooooooothing.  And also?  I can cough up my lungs and soak them in saline too, rinsing and wringing out all those lil nasty pockets where irritants might be lurking.  This is the stuff that I fantasize, cleaning my innards.

Yeah, I'm that romantic.


  1. You poor thing!  Have you tried irregating your nose. It does wonders. My ENT tells me to do it. If you don't know how, I will tell ya how.  You make a solution of salt water and sniff it up your nose and hold it.  At first you will gag, but then you will get the hang of it and you will be able to breathe.  Alas, breathing is a GOOD thing!   Anne

  2. Well, Anne ... do you hold it up there and breath at the same time?  Or do you eventually let it (the saline solution) run down the back of your throat or blow your nose?  Hmmm .... I think there are lots of us that can use this method.

    Deb ... 'bout the only thing working for me right now is AC on HIGH day and night (oh that electric bill) and Claritin D -- 24 hour.  And even at that I'm not always having a good day with the darned environmental irritants.  Eeeewwwwwww

    Winter will be here soon.  Did I ever tell you how much I love snow?  Now you know why.  ;)

  3. for 2 seconds there I thought you'd figured out how to do it!

  4. Poor Debs...........feel better soon.  I know what bad sinus problems are and hope you recover soon.  Have you tired irregating your nose with salt?  Anne

  5. LOL!  I can so sympathize with you!
    I'm catching up on some journal reading from when I wasn't feeling well a while back, and I just read Russ's stint at guest editor.  So I wanted to pop over to congratulate you on being one of his picks a few weeks ago.  I look forward to dropping by again.


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