10 July 2008

Some tids and bits

The cat on loan has been returned and my sinuses and allergies are lots better.  Snake-A-Way has been scattered according to the intended purposes (cuz the label sternly instructed me to do so).  My guy and I poked about, and either the snake is crafty in his hiding abilities, or he has vacated the premises, heading for the rolling hills and fields.  I hope that's the case.

In a few weeks, my guy will be moving to Hazard, Kentucky for his internship year.  He has collected most of the data needed for his three month follow-up and the final stage for his dissertation.  He's kinda crushed for time, as there is so much to do and he's not so sure it will all be done when it needs to be.  I'm confident in his abilities and am sure that it will all be done with his normal skill and aplomb.

As far as my own crochet goes here of late, this is the first headband I've made.  I'm not sure how it fits, cuz I just washed my hair and haven't yet combed it out.  My hair is very thick and it needs to be thinned a bit, cuz in the summer, it is almost unbearable!!  I'm sorta proud of myself for not shaving it down to the scalp like I've done in the past, the last time was in June 2006.  I might maybe take a pic of my head of hair modeling the headband.  Or not.


  1. Or not?  Oh, come on Deb ... we should all see the headband on the thick head of hair before you cave and shave.  So-to-speak.  Little giggles goin' on here.

  2. What  exactly is in Snake-A-Way??  Mongoose scemted pellets??



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