28 February 2008

what fools visa takes us for

ya know all those merry fairy joyous snappy timely commercials that shows everyone just flowing right along, swiping their visas then moving on with carefree style?

what moron is swayed by these?

what idiot thinks, "ya know, i was planning to pay with cash, and receive change; but! now that i see these happy shining people swiping their visas, that's what i will do!  i will take more time, and be charged fees, to swipe the card, wait for the transaction to be electronically approved, wait for the clerk to rip of the printed receipt, i will take time to sign and return the receipt.  yes, yes!  i will do all this instead of paying with cash."

cuz we all know how inconvenient and time consuming paying with cash is.

how unfashionable.
how gauche.

how stupid are we?

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