05 February 2008

Touchdown! in Oxford

And the Caterpillar plant is demolished.  My guy was safely ensconced in his office at the University, just a few miles away.  When I called his cell, after I'd woken up from my last head explosion (much better, thanks); he'd been oblivious to the sirens (both the emergency crews' responses and the tornado siren).  I'm glad he was in the office, which was much more sturdy than his duplex.  What with all the rebar and brick and stately Ole Miss respectability which no tornado would dare to breech.

There have been several injuries, not from the plant destruction, but from the nearby trailers.  A pregnant woman with two small children was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg.  Fortunately, that was the extent of her injuries.  And there were no deaths, as of yet, reported.

There was damage to the Memphis airport and also to the Fed Ex center.  I'm not sure what all may have been the consequences there.  The Southaven high-school was also damaged.  Southaven is just south of Memphis and Oxford is about an hour or so south and to the east of that area.  All told, there was over ten tornadoes that touched down this evening on the stretch between Jackson and Memphis along the interstate 55 north/south corridor.

So tonight, around 10p, it was about 70 degrees here.  Tomorrow night?  The forecasted temp?

30 degrees.

Warm weather is very nice, usually.  But in the winter months, warm temps...well they are like tempest in a tea pot.

Debra's Dynamic Weather Report is now concluded.

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  1. I cannot imagine living in a tornado zone ... but I suppose you can't imagine living in a blizzard zone.  ;)


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