19 February 2008

here's the plan, man, the plan

my guy usually comes here to visit me on the weekends, but this weekend i am going there instead.  radical, huh?  haven't been there since labor day.

but this weekend is the department's interview weekend.  so out of the 135 applicants to the phd program, the department's selected about 30 of them.  those 30 will come into town for interviews on friday and then a dinner/party friday evening to be hosted by which ever lab they want to join.  they will then go spend the night at whichever grad student and/or faculty member's house/apartment.  then saturday there are more fun! interviews scheduled and other fun! activities.  and saturday night there is a fun! party planned.  big fun!  then most of the 30 will be taken to the airport to fly back from whence they came.

so my guy's presence is required this weekend.

but i want to be with him on friday, when appic posts a listing of whom has been matched.  then there is the interview weekend.  and monday morning, there is another posting by appic, which will list who has been placed with whom and where.  i wanna be with my guy cuz this is a crucial kinda thing that affects as both for like over a year, dudes.

i mean, he could be placed as local as three, five, seven, or nine hours
he could be placed as far away as maine (which is far if you are figuring from mississippi; altho it only looks this far {~~~~~~~~~~} on the map).

and i wanna be there.
with him.


  1. Yep, don't blame you...............gooooooo!   Anne

  2. He's lucky to have you!  Way to support your guy!!!  
    woo-HOOO!!!!   I hope he gets what he's hoping for!  You, too!

  3. stomp.  Now I like that!

    ev.ree.thing (by the way, I think I am liking your English more and more of late)  will work the way it should.  That may mean you will have to visit Maine (and well, me) at some point in the future.  Then again, it may mean that you will have to drive two hours.  Which, of course, is just fine.

    I love, love, love how you are supporting your Guy.  Fun! or not, it's really great that you are going to join him.  


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