05 February 2008

lemme blow yer mind

The weather (cuz how can I go a week without posting about it?) has been very tumultuous this week, very warm (like so warm it is embarrassing to admit how warm.  but I will, 80 degrees plus) and very stormy; tornado sightings, touchdowns (uhm tornado as well as football, sorry, cheezy yes, but oh so true), and hail the size of my fist!  The barometric pressure has been intense.  My head popped off seven times today, alone.

You know that guy in the pawn shop in the Men In Black movies whose head explodes and then grows back?  I could be his understudy.  Right down to the wonky eyes and high pitched squeal.  But my head pops spontaneous and grows back with excruciating pain only to pop! again.  Tis an endless cycle.

So I do things in bursts, timing my errands and tasks between these brain blowing spells.  It's kinda like dodging rain drops; rarely successful, but ya still do it.  This afternoon when I stopped down to pay the rent, my landlord told me that both her sons (who missed zero days from school for the past five years) had to come home early yesterday with monstrous headaches and that today, her daughter began getting one on the drive home.

I feel for them, I really do.

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  1. Hopefully the weather will improve...............I able froze to death here in AZ but it is warm weather for the rest of the week.  Hopefully your head will grow back.  Anne


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