11 February 2008


i heard it on Fox's news (stop snickering, oxymoron, i know i know), please let it be a rumor...but maybe it's better the devil you know.  shudder.  please let it be moot anyway.  please.

McCain's tapped Mississippi's Governor Haley Barber to be his vice-presidential running mate.  Oh, gulp, gawd, no.

It was Haley Barber and his Merry Band Of Legislators who thought that no one could possibly need medicare and medicaid both.  So he was attempting to pass a bill that would mean that anyone receiving medicare couldn't receive medicaid.  Oh, my god how did that even get to be considered what the hell sorta idiot even managed to put it on paper, let alone to convince others that this was a good idea, how oh how in the hell did it get as far as it got?!?  And anyone who even takes a glance at Mississippi's standing on anything, anything, education, housing, income/salary, health, any friggen thing, they would see, Mississippi is constantly ranked at the bottom of the scummy swampy barrel.  Like 50, 48 at best.

the only thing we rank number one in?  obesity

i mean i was pulling for the dems anyway, but now?  now it is a necessity more than ever.  oh lord.  and trent lott appointed his successor a few months ago, instead of allowing things to go til the end of his term.  could it be some sorta master plan?  oh please oh please oh please no.

i promise you, if mccain and barber take the country, you will think bush was a cuddly teddy bear in comparison; a downright mother theresa combined with einstein.

stop this insanity.  please.  do your part.  stop this.  please.

(in several months, i predict this entry will be deleted under the mandate of treachery)


  1. Even the govenor of Arizona (female) is endorsing Obama.  Gov. Napolatano is a female too.  The Govenor of KS., which is a very Republican state is a female Democrate.  Yes, I do not see HOW on earth McCain can get in.  Let's hope not anyway.   Anne

  2. You mean, you'll remove this entry under mandate of treachery .... because they'll take away free speech?  Which, by the way, isn't really free anymore.  Used to be ... now it isn't.  'Cause we all have to be so damned politically correct, which, is much nicer, but is also an infringement ...

    Crap.  Don't get me started woman.  Just don't.


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