27 February 2008

bread results

i should have split the dough into six loaves instead of three, cuz these loaves were h.u.g.e. and didn't get done thru and thru.  i did give a loaf to millie and paul scott, and a loaf to my landlords (lisa and perry).  i didn't realize that they weren't done, so i hope that their loaves were more done then the one i kept.  i tried to call to tell them they might want to slice them and toast them to finish baking them, but couldn't get thru.  well, they'll figure it out.

or not.


  1. I would like to taste that bread since I like dough taste.   I was reading the box of cereal that had honey with it and read some interesting facts about bees.    I put it in my woodburner after reading it so I don't have it here.    It said something like for a worker bee to produce 1/8 teaspoon or 1/12, I'm not sure, it must visit something like 3000 flowers.    So when that is all figured together to make enough honey to feed all us humans, it is calculated into the number of flowers in existance on earth.   Now bee's that are usually transported (this was not on the box) by truck to pollinate crops for farmers are disappearing.    A new nicotine based insecticide that causes insects immune systems to be compromised, as well as disorientation (memory loss) are being used over the previous banned insecticides.    No one knows for sure what is causing the bee's to disappear.    The farmers in France protested over it's use and France has since stopped using it.     mark

  2. I would have figured out it needed toasting, but I'm just as likely to have eaten not quite done.  LOL

    Interesting what Mark wrote about the bees.  I caught the tail end of a show about them last week, but didn't get all the information.  


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