11 February 2008

Catch Them Doing Good

Last night, I was speaking with my guy about his dissertation, the research model, the measurement instruments, the agenda, etc.  One thing led to another, and I was trying to think of the One Minute Series (One Minute Manager, One Minute Teacher, One Minute Whatever) and my own entry about "Tell Me Something Good" (Sat 11 Sept 04).  The basic idea is that people who feel good about themselves, and know that others feel good about them, tend to continue doing good things.

Good produces good.

This conversation and train of thought reminded me to catch myself being good.  To give myself credit where credit is due.  To being kinder, gentler, more loving toward my own self.

I thought that I'd just share that.


  1. LOL  Oh I LIKE this entry.  You are sooooo right.

  2. I think I need more than one minute to do..........well, anything!   Anne

  3. It's good for us to be good to us.  We should all give ourselves a little more GOOD attention and a little more CREDIT.  :)


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