27 February 2008

bread baking

this afternoon's baking is a new experiment.  i'm using white flour, instead of wheat bran or graham; so the texture will be smoother.  i've used honey and that is a major difference for me.  i've not used honey before and didn't really measure things, so it may be a very sweet bread.  i also added some vanilla {and a tad of chocolate (wink)~~shh, our secret}.

the dough has a pleasant light brown tint.  it is in its second rise.  it has a very good warm and yeasty scent.  it feels very nice, firm and elastic.  the second rise is a bit shorter than the first.  after the second rise is thru, i will divide and knead individual loaves.  then i will let it rise one last time before popping it into the oven.

so, that's what i'm doing this afternoon.  i'll let ya know how it tastes!

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