12 February 2008

What Book Got YOU Hooked?

  First Book is an awesome non-profit organization that provides low-income children with books to read and own.  Last year, when I had first heard of First Book, it was my counselor who brought it to my attention.  First Book had asked folks to tell them about the Book That Got Them Hooked.  Then you got to vote for which state's children should benefit from that particular endeavor.  The idea was that by doing this, generating awareness (you could revote every 24 hours or so), more money was being matched and raised, and the grand prize would be that the winning state would receive books, books would encourage kids to read, to want to read.  The best part of that was that at the end of the contest?  It wasn't one state's kids that benefited, nope.  It was all fifty of them!  yea!!

Let them read books!  About fifty million new books for tons of kids in hundreds of communities across the nation.  And that, that is better than eating cake any ole time!

First Book is again doing another contest.  Take a look-see at their Blog!  go, go, go check it!

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