03 February 2008

waa-waa WAA waa waah...?

Last night, my guy and I drove thru Taco Bell.  I've not been there for years, so I was not familiar with the menu.  We decided to get the Grande Meal, figuring that would be enough for us both.

We couldn't tell what the hell the woman was squawking about thru the speaker, so my guy asked her to repeat herself.  She squawked again, with more impatience.  I still didn't understand what she was saying, but my guy speaks squawkese, so he responded in kind; sounding to me suspiciously like Charlie Brown's teacher.

Amazingly, our order was just what we wanted; four soft tacos, three hard tacos, and three bean buritos.


  1. Weekends are just MADE for Taco Bell.  I love the Taco Grande myself...three of em to be exact!


  2. I LOVE fookin' Taco Hell.  It's my favorite fast food.
    I stopped going to burger king when The King started to show up in there commericals recently.  He is the creepiest looking mascot I've ever seen.  He's the sort of thing that you wake up and find leaning over your bed with a butcher knife in his hand.


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