25 February 2008

jumbled thoughts

k, this may not make much sense, but the main thing is that we're ok.  it's been a helluva weekend and tomorrow is gonna be intense in a way that is gonna make these last few days look tame.  i'll post more when i'm home and things are more settled.

i'll just say this about that, it's hard to keep your game face when your head and heart are slamming.

my guy didn't match.  clearinghouse opens bright and early monday morning and we are madly prepping.  the future is wide open and it is not looking too pretty at the moment.

more details forthcoming.

pray for us.


  1. Praying.  Praying.  I'm a bit shocked at your news but then, I don't know a whole heck of a lot about the process.  Good thoughts headed your (collective) way.

  2. Candles being lit NOW.

  3. You are being prayed for Debs.   Anne


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