03 February 2008

super bowl half time review

k, i'm not a professional.  and i know next to nothing about football.  in fact, i didn't even recognize manning, which in mississippi is a hanging offense.  in fact, i was thinking, that kid out there must be like seventeen, judging by the scant fuzz on his upper lip (isn't that nice that they let him play?), before i realized that was the dude.

but i do like that the game is close.  it is interesting to me because they seem to be well-matched.  one team is not creaming the other, and that makes for some good game.

and i get to see each play covered from twelve different angles.  so that even a complete novice like myself can easily see what's what.  and by the time the eight showing is featured, i can mimic the commentator ("OH, that hadda hurt!").

i kept my interruptions and questions to a minimum.  my guy only once seemed a touch impatient, and really, kenya blame him?!?  i think not.  after all, i was badgering him about something that apparently i'd only thought i'd seen (the score was NOT six, but three); why, huh, why?  how come?  why fer?

tom petty and the heartbreakers started sorta slow, giving a lackluster performance of "american girl".  but then they stepped it up and the next three songs were rockin along quite nicely.  a vintage performance, all in all.

some ads are good.  some are not.  there were a few that i hope i see again, esp the sobe knock off of 'thriller'.  there were some that i hope never air again.

now, for the second half.  uhm, a leap means one too many men on field?


  1. It is cold an rainy here..............makes a good day to stay inside and watch on TV...........Giants just scored a touchdown!!!!   Anne

  2. I was sad ... to see Tom Petty so ... vintage.  You know?


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