09 February 2008

4 Syllables, sounds like...

I flicked the tv on for a few minutes; just to see what was on Fox (the only~cringe~channel i get, sorry~cringe~shudder).  The Daytona 500 is on, the 50th year.  So there is some deviation from the regular races.  I happened to catch Sister Hazel performing "All for You".

I think I always thought that song was by Blues Traveler.  Well, I think the vocal style of Sister Hazel's Ken Block has that resonance of Blues Traveler's John Popper.  At least in "All for You".  It just seems like a song that fits Popper.

But I often think that a song is sung by someone other than who is singing it.  Like Edwyn Collins when he sings "A Girl Like You"; he has the sound of David Bowie crooning (ala Golden Years).  The song fits Bowie, and I can see him so clearly performing it.

and did ya notice that David Bowie, Edwyn Collins, Blues Traveler, and Sister Hazel all have four syllables?  That's how significantly important the ramblings in this entry have been.

Not very.



  2. :::sigh::: there isn't much to report on just now ... is there?  But, if the truth be told my brain works this way:  if I remember the artist, I can't remember the title and might be able to hum a note or two.  Maybe a few words.  If I remember the title I cannot for the life of me remember the artist and I certainly won't get the tune correct.

    It sucks kind of being sucky at something that you actually, really, tremendously enjoy.  Ya know?

  3. I've always thought Blues Traveler is a great group as long as you never ever SEE them perform.  



    PS  Only FOX???  You poor dear.


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