19 August 2007


My kitten is about 4 months old, filling out nicely and growing to be a big cat.  Her name is Saffron because she has an orange burst on her forehead.  But sometimes I can her SassiFron cuz she is one sassy lil saucy girl!

She's very gentle with me, keeping her claws sheathed and not breaking my skin when she nips me.  She is so sweet and cuddly.  But every now and then, she gets a lil sassy.  Like any other feline who feels life is all about her needs and desires being served, and with a smile dammit; she just waltzes in, plops down, and drapes her form across my guy's chest, with her head between her paws (she mimics my two dogs).

In fact, Sassifron loves my guy so much that she will curl up on his lap at the computer, snubbing me in the process.  She will add her teeth marks to his papers near the stables.  She will cozy down in his bookbags, and hide in his clothes.  She's even sat down in his truck, behind the steering-wheel.

If I had a lower self-esteem, I'd think she was trying to get away.  From me.  Can you imagine?!?  Good thing I don't have a lower self-esteem, huh?

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  1. It's so odd how pets can pick a favorite human.  I have Bongo and Joan on my team -- while Lumpy has Bebe and Cricket.  My team could kick his team's ass easily!  ;)



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