28 August 2007

Blessed Rain

Most afternoons this summer have been scorching.  This afternoon, though it is hot, it is raining.  It is a steady soaking rain, lasting for a couple hours at least.  We are so relieved, even if it is only for the afternoon, we have had rain.



  1. I'll add my Amen to yours and continue my prayers for some rain here.  The brook is dried up, the river is low and while the days have turned themselves into the end-of-summer lovelies ... the drout continues on.

  2. We sent it to you all the way from England...Lol!  We've had a really wet and cold summer here but are now having some sunshine.   Maybe a couple or more days of it at least!  We are thankful for small mercies.  Lol!

    Wish you were here?

    Seriously though...I'm glad you are getting a chance to cool down a bit.

    Take care..

    Jeanie  xx


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