27 August 2007

sassyfron's activities

my four month old kitten is growing at an unreal rate.  or maybe it just seems that way to me because stella, who was nine months when she disappeared was smaller than average.  saffron is larger at 4 months than stella was at 9!

saffron is a sassy lil girl and she is the very first kitten i've ever seen that chases her own tail with abandon.  her eyes widen, she spreads her paws and leaps.  of course leaping makes her butt swing behind her, taking her tail with it.  and the chase is on!

earlier, i had wrapped up a crocheted hat that i made for my friend (whom i call greta, that's not her 'real' name, but then again she calls me 'doo' so i guess that makes sense, on some level).  there were a few sheets of tissue paper left and saffron has been ripping and tearing.  i think she has found a new love.  her pupils are so large that i can't even see her ires at all!

i can't wait til she tries the catnip!


  1. My cat Joan was like that as a toddler kitten....now she's like an old diva on lithium!


  2. Oh, I love to watch the cats when they 'get going'.  The best is the fishing pole we have with a fuzzy, feathered toy on the end ... I can 'cast' it and they fly to catch the toy.  Hysterical!  

    It is nice for them to look all dignified and regal, but I prefer fun loving and silling.

    sassyfron -- cute name!


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