24 August 2007

Hark! How the years go by!

Judith Heartsong and I share a birthday, and a few other things.  She's an amazing woman and it was her journal that inspired me to start my own, the original Debra's Daily Dose.  To read that entry, go here.

I am pleased to say that way back when she had a journal here, back before the ad-stink, Judy began her "Artsy Essay" Contest.  It was a monthly call that asked folks to write an entry focused on a theme that she would give.  The very first one was themed "how art has influenced me life" and guess what?  I won it!  Here's that entry, back in September 2004.

Judy's journal no longer exists, but you can find her in her "new" digs and admire her decor, her wit, her compassion, her journey and her observations.  And guess what?  She has continued to hold the "Artsy Essay" contest, after taking a hiatus.  You can read her August Artsy Essay call here.

If you aren't familiar with Judy, check her out!  I think that she's worth knowing.  She's an outstanding woman who truly has song in her heart.


  1. thank you Madame.... it is amazing how much time has passed and how much water has passed under the bridge.

    The very BEST part of journals has been finding some really wonderful friends. The sad part is how little time I have to read any more, between a job and painting.

    Life is good though!

    Big hugs,


  2. Nice entry Deb!  


Thanks for taking the time and effort to let your thoughts be known!