17 August 2007

Extreme Ways

When I was younger, I listened to music nonstop or so it seemed.  I think I wore out many cassette tapes (before CDs were popular, mind you) and Tori Amos (these little earthquakes) and Sarah McLachlan (fumbling toward ecstasy) saw me thru my college years.  There is always a song to match any mood.

As the years wore on, I listened less to music because I couldn't multi-task like I used to do.  Gone are the days I could listen and read, listen and study, listen and write.  Sometimes I will listen while crocheting, but usually not even then.

Still there are those songs that just grip me and make me want to scream or croon or laugh along with the touching music.  Moby's "Extreme Ways" is one of those songs that just gets me, right in the gut.  I wanna fling my arms up and roll my neck, offering up myself as I flash thru my more manic moments that fit better than a comfy "t".

So, right now, I'm calling up some various songs and singers on youtube.com.  Like Nina Simone's "Feeling Good", the lyrics and beat of which are freeing and grounding at the same time.  And I love Cat Steven's "How Can I Tell You".  If you've not heard it, give it a listen.

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  1. You're talking to guy who doesn't own an ipod...and who knows none of today's top artists.  I like music, but I don't seek out much beyond what I've already discovered and grown to love.  I'm freakin' OLD!!!



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