04 August 2007

you CAN get arrested for that

Apparently it is illegal to drive around the town square in Oxford, Mississippi more than one hundred times in a single session.  Seriously, it's a law, on the books.  I've no idea how many times it has been enforced.  But if ya decide to cruise Oxford's square, you're taking the law into your own hands.

My guy currently lives in Oxford, goes to school at Ole Miss and has finished his third year in his PhD program.  So I have some familiarity with Oxford and the town square.  I can attest that sometimes it seems that you must break this law just to find a parking space, particularly if it is a home game weekend.

But in reality, it would be next to impossible, let alone improbable, to actually violate this law.  Unless you happen to be these guys.

Driving around the town square
more than 100 times in a single
session is illegal in Oxford, Mississippi.

Location: Oxford, MS
Comment: Crossing lap 101 of Oxford's town square. And yes, Bateman was smoking whilst taking the shot. I don't know; you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


  1. I am from Oxford UK..always trips me out when someone mentions Oxford Mississippi...
    Stange rule...wonder who counts?
    Have a good Sunday

  2. LOL for every law, there's someone out there to break it!


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