14 August 2007

suggestions? anyone?

My mother turns 60 in October of this year.  My father turned 60 in December of last year.  My brother turns 40 in July of next year.  I am not having a birthday this year, or had one last year, or plan to have one next year.  Ok, I did have one last year (you are soooooooo smart, I can't get one by on you now, can I?) in November and have now completed 36 years and am working on my 37th.  See, no special year like the rest of the family.  Well, ok then, every year is special, cuz it beats the alternative.

So what's all the blather regarding birthdays anyway and why, oh why, would I turn my attention to such a subject?  Well, with mom's birthday a few months off, I need to figure out exactly what I plan to do for her, gift-wise.  Yeah, but Debra, it's a few months off.  Yes, yes, I realize that and that is precisely why I am fussing about now instead of then.

See it takes time to create what ever it is that I will be making.  Plus ya gotta add time to the baseline of an estimate of how long whatever project is said to take, cuz ya gotta remember, this is me and my bumbling fingers.  Besides, I have a few things in mind, and started, but the exact right thing that screams "mom!  oh this is it, this is the right one!" hasn't jumped up and bitten me yet.

And maybe that's ok.  Cuz frankly, ya gotta be a bit tetched in the head to be working with yarn during the dog days (105 degrees right now).  so if anyone has a stunning suggestion that is screaming to be voiced, leave a comment.  thanks!!

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  1. Uh -- no. BUT, if you quilt, now might be a good time to cut pieces for sewing and then quilting through the early fall.  Just a thought.   If you don't quilt, well, uhm, do you use knit chrochene (sp).  My mother made pineapple design antimacassars (again with the spelling) for all of us ...


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