27 August 2007


It may be a musical, but this is a slightly different story.

The beginning of this month came, and there were some extra expenses that don't occur on a monthly basis.  So I budgeted and was able to fill the propane gas tank and renew my car insurance.  I paid my other bills and then I felt wonderful.

Except I had a twinge.  Ya know, that twinge that tickles the extremity of my brain whispering, 'you forgetting something, oh yes you are'.  I thought and reviewed and I figured maybe I didn't pay this month's garbage bill and that was ok, cuz they aren't gonna not pick up for non-payment of one month.

So about two weeks back (which means that it was already two weeks into August), I'm sitting in LJ's, sucking up the cool in there, when in the door walks a woman who looks familiar.  Ya know how if ya see someone outside of the environment you usually see them in ya kinda have a brain-lag while ya try to place the person?  That's what was going on.

But it clicked that the woman coming toward me with a huge smile, waving, was my landlady.  And it also clicked what my brain was whispering and tickling me over.  I'd forgotten to pay this month's rent.

Can you imagine?!?


  1. Yah, I know what you mean. I forgot to breathe for 3 hours today. Don't ya hate the way your brain can play tricks on you?

  2. I sometimes forget the very obvious things/obligations too.  SIGH


  3. Oh, that feeling of .. confusion and sometimes dread and then total relief that you finally know what it is.  Even if.

  4. Sometimes we get into a monotone duplicity of doing the mundane that it doesn't register when we pay the bills. It's something that we do so automatic that we don't think on it. Until we discover we should of been paying a little more attention. Happens to me all the time. For example making the coffee in the morning , it's one of those things I do everyday automatically. Then one morning I realize I forgot to put the water in the idiotic machine. (Hugs) Indigo


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