07 August 2007

Cool Carrots

Today, instead of fleeing my overheated home for the afternoon, I sprawled on the bed, with the fan directly on me.  The air conditioner is on high/high.  My poor puddin' head was dreaming of cool carrots and bean burritos.  (if i were russ, i would render a sketch.  grin)

That's probably cuz I had a bag of frozen carrot disks under my feet and a bag of frozen bean burritos (cuz they are dense and stay frozen longer) under my neck.  If I coulda summoned the energy to drag my body to the freezer, I woulda grabbed the rest of the frozen bags to nestle into various nooks and crannies.  But that would have meant expending the energy, and energy is heat.  and THAT should be avoided at all costs.

stay cool as cucumbers!


  1. Boy, I think someone needs some winter soon :)

  2. Oh, you of the frozen veggies ... try a nice ziploc bag of ice ... wrapped in a  tea towel. Soft to the touch, not too thick and cool as can be.  And if you moisten the tea towel, well, you get extra benefit!


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