26 August 2007

How I spent my day (or Meet Nano Puss & Family Foo)

I'm trying something new and if it works, wow, oh wow!

First off, lemme say that Russ is my inspiration on this one.  He encourages others to create with no inhibitions.  He says to sketch that octipus it even if you don't think you can draw.  Do it anyway.  On his site, he features drawings, some with a running theme (pear-dude, design dresses for the awards, word of the day, right-ons, dammits!, and oh so many more) and some stand-alones.  Over the time I have been first lurking thru his journal, then leaving comments, following what he shares of his life, I've come to realize that he's a dude worth knowing.  So if you've not gandered, go check it!

Then too, lemme say that there are so many other folks who have been so supportive and accepting and encouraging, my guy and Bonnie (of Bonnie and Walt) most especially.  My guy encourages me in all I do.  Cheering me along and giving me the support that I need, in the ways I need it most.  I am so glad that he is my guy.

A few months back, Walt died and Bonnie began to sift through some things.  She sent me an art kit that had been Walt's father's and so I began to doodle a bit.  I sent her a few drawings and things and she was very enthusiastic.  Their journals/blogs are well worth the read!  Although, Bonnie does not use the computer, she contributed much as Walt was the typer of the two.  This couple was truly one of the best partnerships I have ever seen.

I'm experiencing some technical difficulties, but will continue in just a few.


  1. Russ is truly a good friend to know. He always has something to share a smile and thought throughout the week. He's right as far as trying. You never know how well you will do until you try. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. I come home after a long trip and turn on the computer and -- right off the bat -- you make me cry??!!!?  (((HUG))))  Thank you for the shout.  Draw, create, sing, dance, paint, write....I WILL NOT tolerate anybody who says they are not creative.  It pisses me off like you wouldn't believe.  If you're alive you can create something that is totally new and has never been seen before.  PERIOD



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