29 August 2007

Falling Up

Those of you that are long-time readers may remember when I did a lovely swan-dive off the concrete steps, landing on the stone embedded concrete slabs beneath.  Oh what fun!  What grace!  What the hell was I thinking?  Lest you think I indulge in such frivolous activities on a regular basis, let me assure you that although I am a klutz, I usually take extra caution around very dangerous surfaces.  Like concrete.  Embedded with stones.

This evening, I had a standing ovation as I fell up the concrete steps and slid back down, bouncing off the stone-embedded concrete slabs below.  The reason I bounced?  I am a bouncy sorta gal, which is a nice way of saying i got extra junk in more than my trunk.  I do not, however, have extra junk on my kneecap, as I was reminded earlier.

From whence came the standing ovation?  My Shaddow, Ziggee, and some friend of their's that has taken to playing, running, sleeping (in short, living) with them gave me extra special standing ovations.  By special standing ovation, I mean that they were on all fours.  By extra special standing ovations, I mean that they rushed over to lick me, which means that they really really like me.

At least that's what I think giving tongue means.


  1. uhhh...congratulations?  ;)


  2. ROFLOL.  

    Good dogs, every one!

  3. Ahhhh so nice to know there are more of the me's in this world...Once at a very busy pizza hut, my son was learning to run before walk and the ex put him down to go get a high chair and off he went with me behind to fetch him up as I gracefully glided back into my chair the leg bent, folded and dwon we went. I being the good mom took the brunt of the fall, saving son from being hurt or crushed and did a face glide on ewwww restaraunt carpet. Got a carpet burn on my cheek that was throbing like nobody's business only to be told by the waitress I was bleeding....The ex never said a word...Jerk!! Oh well just one of many of my mishaps....smiles....


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