18 August 2007

Sturgis South

It's that time of the year again and we are all pleased to welcome the motorcyles to Sturgis and surrounding areas.  Sturgis, Mississippi that is!  Tucked into the southwestern corner of Oktibbeha County; Sturgis is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Starkville (home to Mississippi State University).  Sturgis is a small, but strong community of less than 300 people.  But come mid-August, the town is flooded with thousands who register for the bike rally.  Last year, 35,000+ rolled into the area.

This year marks over ten for Sturgis South.  In Kentucky, Little Sturgis is about 15 years old.  And of course, the mother of all Sturgis Rallies, South Dakota is over 65 years in the making and still going strong!

Welcome to Sturgis South!


  1. Did you ever see those episodes of "COPS" that were filmed in Sturgis?  Lots of citations for weed! LOL


  2. You'll never catch me at a Sturgis Rally, but it isn't 'cause I don't like bikes, wild men (and I guess, women) -- it's the noise!  Can't really hear anything over the roar and rumble, but it is an amazing, amazing sight!


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