24 August 2007

Ditzy Debbie

Lately I've been quite addle-minded.  Scatter-brained.  Absent-minded.  I mean, more than usual.  Don't be giving me that look, I wasn't trying to pull one over on ya.

My focus control frizzled.  I have a ton of stuff I want to say, here in the journal, share with my guy, bring up in counseling, and yet when faced with a blank for journal entry, a weekend visit with my guy, a counseling session; blip!  my brain runs amuck and scatters in too many directions at once.

it's frustrating.  i feel like Doofus Debbie.  it's a helpless, hopeless feeling that reminds me of exactly how inept i can be.

at such times, it is hard to remember that i am not always so vacant.  it's hard to believe in me at those times, as being lovable and likable and articulate and witty.  it's hard to remember that i have more than half a brain.

it's just very....uh....very....it's very.....words fail.


  1. Well then my dear, when words fail you this weekend, go back over your last few entries and see just how witty and interesting and inteligent you are.  Heck, you even spell good and use right good grammar!  LOL

    Do not put yourself in a box.  Be you and don't worry about the rest.

  2. I'm going to share my # 1 foolproof method for overcoming "blank brain"......

    draw an octopus

    I wrote an entry about that long before you probably ever came to my journal.  Draw an octopus (do it even if you think you can't draw).  That puts your focus in a weird place and suddenly you are engaged with a piece of paper and a pen and breaking out of a closedmindedness.  Try it.  I do this at work when I think I have no brain power left.  I draw an octopus.  And I look at it.  And the brain starts up.

    draw an octopus.

    In conversation?  I dunno.  Maybe just ask yer man:  "What do think of octopi?"  Then the conversation has started.

    You may think I'm kidding here, but I'm not.  



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