19 August 2007

ya d'uhm-schitz...

Sometimes I am smacked in the head with just how inconsiderate and vain we can be.  The news showed an interview with a woman who was very put out because "...well, like we flew into Cancun?  and we were planning to ya know be here for our honeymoon?  and (tsk-ah) now we have to go back home, to New York, cuz of Hurricane Dean...it's just not faaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr"  Yeah, omigawd, so not fair (big eye roll).

ya d'uhm-schitz


  1. OMG!  I hope she survives this devasting trauma!!!  

    (what a stupid bitch)


  2. Oh I luv it when YOU get attitude!  ROFLOL!


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