25 April 2009


today was a very good day. the vet school hosted a huge crayfish boil (crawdad) and it was so good that my tummy was happy, my face was happy, my brain was happy...i was a happy gal! so after i got to jert's, i changed clothes and started to get back into work. it was a lovely break and couldn't have happened at a better time.

we'd stopped and picked up a five gallon bucket of "peppermint tea" shaded paint. it's a cool color, very soothing. it's a mint green, with a touch of pale blue. we're planning to use that for the walls of the kitchen/dining/living/open areas. it's so cool and everyone that's seen it, loves it!

we'd also set up the first finished room. it's freshly painted (ceilings/walls) and the floor is waxed. the bedroom furniture was jert's grandparents' and so we were careful to oil the wood lightly and evenly. i took pix, and i was gonna post one here, but one of the grandbabies was laying in the middle of the bed and the bed is in every picture. and i'm too damn lazy to go take another one sans grandson. perhaps tomorrow.

so now, we're gonna kick back with some white grape wine that my mother made. watch a few tv shows. and i may even have a piece of cherry pie. what a great way to end a lovely day!

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