02 April 2009

darryl and the drive-thru

a few months back, a buncha folks were sitting around playing trivial pursuit when a very interesting fact arose {as often they do when these games are played} and that tidbit stuck with me all this time. so today, i finally looked it up, and wouldn't you? congruity, pennsylvania is home to the one and only drive-thru strip-joint.

"wtf?!?" you say.

yeah, that's what i said.

so i looked up some info on it. here's the skinny. "climax" is a gentleman's club near alexandria, which is near pittsburg, pennsylvania; that actually went up on auction listed on eBay in 2005. read the article here. when you get to climax {the club}, ya can go one way or the other. if ya go the one way, you park and go inside to enjoy the show.

but if ya choose the other way, you pull into a covered port area. once there, you run your credit card thru the machine and settle in for the show at the drive-thru window. the curtain at this diamond portal parts and you can catch an eyeful.

i'm thinking it must be the novelty of the idea. but, then i never really understood the appeal of strip-joints in general. you can just imagine immaculate me being unable to touch any surface, even to perch on the edge of a chair. in that way, i can sorta see the appeal of the drive-thru window. then again, i'd be the one squirting windex on the glass and using an entire roll of paper towels while wearing latex gloves.

and i don't even have a latex fetish.


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