16 April 2009

true spring cleaning

i'm really, Really, REALLY excited! in the morning, we are driving over to the ark/ms border to meet with my folks and then memommamia is coming back with us {squeal}. i've not seen my dad since christmas '06, so i'm really looking forward to visiting for a bit. we'll all have lunch and then jert, mom, and i will drive back to starkville. she's gonna visit for perhaps a week, or so. yea!!

we've all sorts of cleaning, painting, rearranging, and the like planned. i know we won't get it all done, but i'm thinking we'll get a good sized dent put into the task! we've got the master suite ready, along with three other bedrooms, both other baths...they're ready to be painted, scrubbed, etc as necessary. at some point, the master bath's floor needs to come up, kilZ'ed, and then press tile laid into place. whether that will be soon remains to be seen. i would really like mom's help with the kitchen, but there again, it might need to wait til a later date. but, if we can get one room done, then we can move the furniture in and move on to the next room and so forth. right now, we have a stack of things in the master bedroom that will go into one of the other rooms, but i don't want to move it til that room is ready. we'll tear up the carpet and kilZ and paint the floors, paint the walls after making a few repairs, and paint the ceilings too (hey, if you're gonna do it, do it right!). then move in the furniture and arrange things the way we'd like. that way, jert can display some of his sports memorabilia and the like; i can organize my yarns and things; and we can hang pictures of his kids and their kids and other sketches and certificates and things. that'll free up some other space that can be cleaned, repaired, painted, etc. and so forth.

it'll all fall into place as we move along and get various parts completed. i think that there will be a huge change in things even in the brief time my mom is here to help. so saturday, jert will be tending to the yardsale, while mom and i get started! yahoo!

posts might be kinda sparse for the next week or so, but not to worry! this is phase one of memommamia's gift for jert and me. {giddy grins}

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