19 April 2009

my turn to feel puny

jert and i've been running non-stop for awhile now and both of us are getting a tad puny. yesterday, he wasn't feeling so hot. tho, after the kids showed up {remember my quick departure on the last post?}, he perked up some and he and my mom pretty much engaged with the kids with me performing small lil tasks til they punked out after watching scads of popeye.

this morning, we all got up and were moving a tad sluggishly. knowing my mom'd like some coffee and there were a few other things that i'd wanted to retrieve from the farm for her stay here at jert's whilst we worked on the place, she and i headed over to the farm. it was raining to beat the band, mom's headache from the mold in the room was making her feel pretty poorly, and i was running a slight fever. after we got back to jert's, i settled in the living room chair and fell asleep some. the rain cleared up and mom and jert had a two hour conversation about me, my past loves, and some other things that rounded out the picture some. after i woke up, i felt some better and we set to the task at hand which for today was to clean the front room mom was staying in (since any of the room's would have needed similar cleaning, we just tackled that one cuz it was the one the most ready~meaning i'd already cleared most stuff, sorted thru things, etc). mom scrubbed the windows, air-conditioner, window blinds, etc; while i moved furniture, sorted thru file cabinets (i forgot to go thru them before) and jert took down the wooden shelves that ran around the room. after pizza and a break, we tore apart the bed, scrubbed and fixed the bed-frame, and re-mopped the floor. prior to mom's visit, i heavily bleached all the bedding, so she was able to remake the bed with the same sheets and quilt (very beautiful, made by jert's late wife).

so, that room isn't quite ready for paint, but getting closer! i scrapped the walls of stickers, glue, putty, tape, etc. and pulled out all nails, picture-hangers, and the like. but the walls need wiping down and then we need to prep them with tack so the paint will take. after we tack them, we need to coat them with base or kilZ and then paint them with a few coats of a lighter blue color that jert picked out.

the walls will highlight the floor's tiny lil blue flowers. the set of antique furniture that jert's grandparent's used will be set up in there. the bedroom suite is a beautiful deep brown that will really look nice against the fresh blue walls.

it's so cool to see things starting to come together! we've been having a blast, and jert is enjoying mom's company muchly. he says that i can be witty, and with mom and i playing off each other, he ends up snickering lots.

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  1. wow... no wonder I haven't "talked" to you lately. You are a busy woman! Miss you.


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