28 April 2009

hippee humpernickle day

progress report, day 42: my brain leaped out of my head today and ran away to cower in a cluttered corner, behind some boxes, under a metal thing that no one knows why it was there or what it was for. as i went to retrieve it, i got distracted and swept another unrelated area cuz my head was missing its brain and then i thought, "hey, while i'm here, why don't i..." and "oh! just one more thing!" and so forth.

in short, i think i'm in desperate need of a clutter-free day with no dust, no dirt, no caked on crud, and no tasks vying for my attention. thing is, ignoring those tasks for even a minute so i can finish this task means that those other tasks ratchet up their clamoring and that's why i end up doing five things at one time, in different stages. and also explains why i had to go find my brain and bath it in saline this afternoon.

but! as memommamia says (and jert too), "we be chipping away, darlin, chipping away". and tomorrow? scarlette says that it's another day.

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