07 April 2009

aw, tis jest nother yarn

well, lookitchu! where has the time gone?!? yesterday, it was cold. last night, it was freezing. but oh! tomorrow will be about forty degrees warmer, making it into the seventies.

i was tuckered out this morning and was very sluggish, but people needed seeing, things needed done, and places needing visiting. bills needed paying. errands needed running. all those things surpassed my needing rest.

and i got a shitload done. i really did. i paid all my bills {except one, which i did get the money order for, but haven't the address to send it to at the moment; tis on my need-to list}. and cuz our walmartZ is making the change over to the new format {hate it, rillee ah do}, there are all sortsa items on clearance, or discounted, or overstocked, and the like. this translates to me getting all giddy cuz ooooh lookit all the yarn {squeals} that i can buy for way less than normal.

since i tend to use yarn constantly, this is very good for me, and all the other folks that benefit from my yarns. i'm not a yarn-snobb, tho there are some types i prefer for certain projects. i use red heart super saver jumbo acrylic skeins for most throws, afghans, hats, scarves, etc. caron's simply soft is a great yarn to work with and feels great for shawls and other wearables. and bernats, lion's brand, and some of the vanna's choice make for good baby items.

so after visiting with my jerry's mom, and after unloaded all the stuffs from the truck, i sorted thru things and filled up the doggie-treat jar, put up my meds, and then...then i took stock of all the yarn piled on the bed. i had already stopped by my place on the farm and grabbed a tub of yarn before i stopped by walmartZ and bought most skeins for a buck, some for a buck and a half, and four for $1.80 {bernat baby yarns}. my jerry and i sorted and got it all organized. he had some great suggestions so i now have some easy to access bins of red heart and caron.

usually, i only buy yarn for a certain project. that way i don't have an incredible stash that never gets used, despite best intentions. but i made an exception for most of the skeins i bought today, cuz i can use most of them in most any project, yes. and also because a dollar a skein is a really good price. and not likely to occur again any time soon.

the dept manager and i had quite a visit cuz i was literally loading my cart as she was marking the skeins down. what luck, eh? she'd said that she was gonna be putting more out, marked down, tomorrow. and that she really wants to clear out what they currently have in stock cuz she's ready to set things up the new way and wants to make the transition to stocking only those items they will continue to carry. regrettably, i doubt i'll get any more of the yarn right now cuz available disposable funds are pretty much depleted for the moment.

and i am enjoying all the yarns i now have. sigh. blink.blink.

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  1. WalmartZ is changing to a new format? Is that gonna happen HERE?? EEEK! What does that mean?
    Ok am calm now.
    Had dreamed that I met you last night...


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