13 April 2009

what's the latest, ya say?

well, lookitchu! here it is, time's flown by, yet again. friday, jert had the day off, and the mowing was long overdue but the ground has been too wet. funny how that works, the very rain that makes things grow, also makes the ground swampy and marshy. jert rode his mower around for hours and hours and hours. and then he trimmed, weed-whacked, and got himself all mired down in muck. that evening, after a good refreshing shower, we went to eat. it was a lovely evening and couldn't have been any better.

saturday, we loaded up the weedwhacker and gas can and went out to my place on the farm. he couldn't get my mower started, so he fired up the weedwhacker and did my entire yard adn then some. i did some cleaning, and rearranging, and packing of some stuff, and more cleaning. then i called memommamia and we chatted for quite some time.

see, she was planning to drive over here tomorrow and teach a few basket weaving classes and then stay to help me do a few things at jert's {like, painting, cleaning, rug removal, rearranging, sorting, etc.}. but thursday night, a mile wide twister struck the ouchita mountains and split into three smaller ones. the largest of which, touched down in mena, arkansas and plowed thru fourteen miles before it picked up again. my folks are fine, their property is fine, their vehicles are fine, their pets are fine.

they were without electricity for 36 hours, but that was not a terrible hardship. the phones were spotty as one of the towers was demolished. because they were without power, they couldn't use the well's pump, so no water. not a problem, cuz they usually have plenty of water on hand.

however, 600+ homes, business, and county buildings were damaged. three people were killed, and many others were injured. the highschool is gone, the library is gone, the county courthouse and city hall are gone. many are shocked, devastated, and in need of assistance. the national guard was on the scene as was the governor and other key peoples who were able to provide some relief, medical assistance, and such. red cross and salvation army set up several shelters offering food and water. the local walmart was hit and took out the emergency generators as well as the back warehouse. so, any refridgerated unit, freezer, or perishable produce had to be destroyed and considered contaminated {milk, meats, etc}, rather than risk it.

because of all this, mom was unsure whether she could make it cuz the vehicle she was going to drive would have left the guys without a reliable vehicle. so after much deliberation, including speaking with the basket weaving folks...she decided not to come. but then, i offered to go pick her up. so that deserved more consideration and so my folks are gonna meet with jert and me on the arkansas/mississippi border. that way all the guys can meet and then mom will come back with jert and me. she is not teaching any of the basket weaving classes right now, there is too much upheaval right now.

so mom is gonna hang out with me, yea!! i'm really happy and jert is looking forward to her visit. altho we will be very busy working, painting, cleaning, rearranging, etc; we will be able to visit and catch up and chit chat. she is bringing my dress {ya know, the wedding dress} and that'll be sweet!

so back to saturday, after i spoke with memommamia, jert and i loaded up and headed back to his place where a group of adults, toddlers, and lil babies were waiting for us. jert's daughter and her friend hid a gazillion plastic easter eggs with candies and jert hid the prized larger egg filled with so much candy it'd make children hyper for weeks. after the egg hunt was over and all the folks left, jert and i hopped on the bike and rode down to forest, ms.

one of jert's best childhood friends is officiating at our wedding. i'dn't met him yet, so since saturday was so lovely, we rode down to visit with them. he was so very nice and his wife is lovely and they have a great marriage that has lasted and lasted and lasted. they met in first grade, him and his wife, and dated all thru highschool. they married shortly afterwards and have two great daughters, and two grandsons.

after we visited for a few hours, jert and i rode home. oh my. it being a saturday of a holiday weekend, a weekend of family get-togethers and easter reunions adn things...we rode thru two check-points. they waved us thru both without making us dig out our id and all. by the time we got home, jert was stiffening up (and not in a good way) and i was freezing. our eyes were bloodshot and irritated from dust, pollens, and tiredness. we were stumbling around like the lil old people we'll be. some day.

sunday, jert had roasted a turkey and we sat in our jammies all day, eating and drinking tea and watching tv and i crocheted him a very sooooooft fuzzy hat so that his head won't be so cold when he sleeps. momma in her gown and i in my cap, had just settled down for a looooong winter's nap, when what should...

k, so then today...monday is a busy day for jert at work. and today was monday allllllll day long. i decided to clean out his truck, a job i've been intending to do for quite some time. it took me three plus hours and four buckets of water and numerous cleaners, my whisk broom, dust-vac, and other items with which to gird my loins when entering into a cleaning battle. the inside of his truck is now as clean as i can make it. there are still some stains on the seats that i just couldn't get out and some sticky stuff in the cup holders that i couldn't quite get up and all. but! it's lots cleaner.

why is it that when you clean, you remove all that mess and place it on your person? i felt so scuzzy that i stripped off my grody duds and popped into the shower. jert brought me some post-easter chocolate peanut butter eggs and i way over indulged in them. consuming, nay inhaling, an entire bag in one sitting. i'd be ashamed, but i'm so not.

mmmm, happy tastebuds, full belly, buzzed brain....mmmmm


  1. After all the work you are doing on the house - you deserve a chocolate buzz!!!

  2. ummmmmmmmmmm, chocolate and peanut butter is a delightful combo! Anne


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