21 April 2009

he's a pisser, he is

saturday night, we all had a few chucks. the lil two and a half year old boy was just as rambunctious as he usually is and just a yammering away a constant steady stream of consciousness. if he thought it, he said it.

sound familiar?

anyway, sometimes it takes a minute for what he says to actually register and so all three of us adults ended up doing a double-take...or triple take, as it were. he was telling us about the toy cars and then about real cars and about jert's truck and his motorcylce is cool, pop-pop, it's cool. and then i heard jert say, "what, wait, what?" and i clued in a bit closer, and then i looked at mom, and both of us were nodding solemnly.

he'd said, "i go pissing, poppop, i go pissing". {what? wait! what?} then he jumped up and ran over to jert, holding up his arms and doing deep knee squats of impatience, crowing, "PISSING! poppop! i go pissing!!" so jert, took his hand and they headed toward the bathroom cuz his mother had mentioned that she was potty-training him. in just a few minutes, jert popped his head out of the bathroom and informed us that he'd most likely been actually in the act when he told us. well, timing, ya know, it's everything.

at least he's getting the actual idea. when it's time to go, it's time to go.

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