01 April 2009


Friday, my Jerry and I zipped on up to Shiloh, Tennessee to visit some friends of mine. He's heard lots about Greta over the past few months, and now he finally got a chance to meet her! and her husband and his daughter. And he got to see how insanely goofy Greta and I can be together. We just tend to draw that out in each other and then there is the comfy-zone.

The ride up was very sweet. It spritzed for about five minutes total and was nothing to sweat. We found their place with no problem, even tho we had to work out a system of hand-signals and nudges from the backseat driver. Their log home sits at the end of a long gravel drive, that entails a few curves and one or two ups and downs. Gravel is not a biker's best friend, but this was not a problem as it wasn't too loose or too much...juuUUuuust right.

In addition to an awesome visit with the folks, we also got to see a baker's dozen newborn pups with another waddling mother waiting to drop (i'm sure she has by now). We went riding Saturday and saw an awesome eagle's nest. It was huuuUUuuuge.

Chef Jenny whipped up a few wonderful meals that had all of us drooling. And she whipped our butts with her mad SceneIt skillz. I think she could have taken on all four of the rest of us and still dashed her way around the board, leaving us in the proverbial dust. Altho, I was pleased to spring a few surprising correct answers on the unsuspecting, thus contributing to the coup we females staged.

The ride home was cool. Correction: the ride home was friggen cold and my face froze into a permenant half-smile. We bundled up and stopped to take a warm-up/coffee break along the way, so the ride was actually pleasant. We now know what we'd do differently; including getting me a pair of heavier gloves and maybe a full-face helmet &/or a lower-face leather wrap to guard against the worst wind-chill. Jerry let me wear his jacket, which was great, but I kept worrying that he was freezing. But he seemed to be alright, even wearing the lighter weight jacket he'd worn.

In other news, I finished the lil librarian lady's late birthday present {a crocheted throw in soft white and claret} and have started a soft baby's blanket made in this variagated easter basket color schematic that can be appropriate for a lil boy. MeMom's coming for a visit, just after easter. She's teaching a few more basket weaving classes, this time for the county school system. Afterwards, she will stay on for a bit; help me scrub, paint, and such. I'm looking forward to her visit and so is Jerry {memommamia}. And, sigh, I broke the two month old partial...i know, i know...dammit. but! hopefully it's on the mend as we speak and tomorrow i will once again have a pleasant smile. Which is good, cuz Friday my Jerry and I are gonna have our pix made.

Friday is his birthday. He went ahead and bought a digital cam the other day. He's been wanting one for the longest time. While we were visiting Greta, he checked out the one she was using and loved the fact it had a flash for those indoor shots. So he took a few pix last night of the pups and we got a cute shot of one of his grandbabies. Well, I think that catches us all up. Sorry it's not the witty words, but I knew that I wanted to write before it got too far past this weekend.

happy spring!!

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