01 April 2009


my jerry has been recalled. so the wedding is off. we won't even have time to do it before he has to report to the state capitol. here's his entry today:

Recalled to Active Duty

Went home for lunch and in my mailbox I received a missive from Uncle Sam that started, "Greetings, as per your previous enlistment contract, it has been determined that you served in a rating that is now considered critical to the service of your country. You have until 2400, 1 April 2009, to arrange your affairs and present yourself to the U.S. Coast Guard recruiter in Jackson, MS". Needless to say I was much surprised and pissed. I called the recruiter and was informed that after processing I was to be sent to the U.S. Coast Guard Port Security Unit in Umm Quasr, Iraq. All I could think was "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit." But, I do believe (for better or worse) in this country, so I will soon be winging my way to the sandy shores of the Middle East. It won't be too awful bad though, since I found out that my youngest son has also been assigned to the same unit (as a mechanic) and will be reporting a couple of weeks after I arrive. At least I will outrank him, at least for a little while, plus I'll be working in an air-conditioned office. Last time I was in the middle east was in 1983. I was part of an oil spill response team that went to Bahrain at the request of their government. Wasn't really much we could do. The entire beach had gotten so many oil spills over the years it looked like a black-topped parking lot.

Everyone have a great day!
Oh - & you do realize what today is don't you?

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