16 April 2009

*warning* {not for the tenderhearted}

i gotta tell ya this. ya know how ya do something dumb, and you're alone so really no one has to know about it? but if you're like me, ya gotta tell someone anyway, cuz it was so dumb it was kinda funny, even tho it hurt?

yeah, so yesterday while i was starting to load the truck for the yardsale, the very very first thing i loaded was a tub (one of those huge rubbermaid tubs filled with porcelain dolls), it was really heavy and i had gotten it out to the truck but the tailgate was just a lil too high for the way i was carrying the tub so i heaved up and leaned forward cuz i was thinking that'd get it there.

which it did. but i caught the corner of the tailgate right...in a very tender place...if i was a guy, i'da been incapacitated for the rest of the day. hell, the rest of the week. or month. as it was, i hissed and bent over and did the whole clutching thing and a string of very colorful language issued forth, followed by oh-fuck-me-son-of-a-bitch-god-that-hurts-uhhhhhgh.

now i have a plum sized, plum shaped, plum shaded area that is very very tender and makes for the whole heave-ho'ing of boxes/tubs a sorta delicate and deliberate maneuvering. funny now, yeah, and i saw the humor then, but damned if i could even snicker at that moment.

the moral of the story: don't fuck with the tailgate.

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