16 April 2009

she wore a lil itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini

sometimes, i'm a ditzy blonde. after scrunging around, moving things, kicking up dust, i ended the evening with a coughing fit {it's hard to quit my five pack a day habit when you've been chewing for as long as i have...not} and a kinda cool shower {cuz i was also running a last minute load thru the wash...heavy on the bleach}...with my bra on. i was so scatter-brained that i got my face all soaped up and then went around the ears, down the neck, and oh! hey, where'd these straps come from?!?

i've not forgotten to take articles of clothing off prior to bathing since...since...well, since i was a lil kid and climbed into a tub of water with my cable knit knee high white socks pulled snuggly up my scabby bruised shins {i was a klutzy kid}. that makes the feet feel weird. at least with a bra left on, you kinda feel like you're wearing a bathing suit. but who swims with their socks on?

wait! i usta do that too. swim with my socks on. tho it was more like wading with my sneakers. you venture into a cold creek on a sunny day in pennsylvania, ya never know for sure what critters may be crawling over, under rocks and such.

ah, memories...

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