18 April 2009

jert's not feeling so hot

yesterday, jert and i had a great drive over to the ark/ms border to pick up memommamia. we chatted all the way, the time flew and so did the miles. in fact, i was planning to crochet all the way, but didn't even take my hook out!

after we met my folks for a chicken lunch, and visited some, we drove home. it was a good drive, on the return as well. mom and we got all caught up and she told us some about the storm damage and all.

she and i took a walk around the house and i showed her some of the things we've already done, some of the things we plan to do and some of the things that she and i can get started on. this is part of her wedding gift to us, helping us to get the house in order and all. instead of waiting til october tho, she is coming a few times to help out, in more manageable time-frames.

so jert and i went over to set up for the yard sale this morning and my friend {{nekita}} came to help. we got everything out. and then it started to rain. so we put everything up. and then after drinking some hot, sweet, minty tea and changing in to dry clothes, i took a nap cuz i'd lost my voice entirely and was in need of some solid sleep.

oh! and mom showed nekita and me my dress! yea!! sooooOOooo pretty!! i want to wait til i'm all squeaky clean to try it on. but gorgeous, my, yes!

after we went to lunch, we stopped at walmart and picked up a few things, like paint (white, for the ceilings) and scrub brushes, rubber gloves, pinesol, and other cleaning paraphernelia. and post-easter candy at 75% off. mmmm and peanut butter ice-cream chocolate sandwiches cuz i'm such a friggen spaz about ice cream, chocolate, and peanut butter.

mom started cleaning, scrubbing, scouring, et al. one of the guest bathrooms. and i swept the hallway and went thru all the toys that had been in the hallway and scrubbed a few of them up cuz jert's youngest daughter's chilluns gonna be with us for a few hours tonight. and then i did some other stuff (mostly preparing the one room for us to be able to paint it). and before ya know it, four hours have flown by. mom's still not done with the bathroom, but just about and then she's calling it a day and taking a shower in the freshly cleaned tub!

jert is cooking us some of his wonderful soup and afterwards, i plan to shower the sweat and sticky dirt off myself. ohhh, i hear car doors and kids! later taters.

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  1. But you never said why Jert's not feelin' so hot...


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