26 April 2009

too much effort to blink

i woke this morning hacking and coughing and feeling cruddy. yesterday evening, i noticed a few times when breathing was not as easy as it should be. so this morning was sorta rough, but i got moving and mom and i started cleaning the kitchen. she cleaned the stove and the fridge {awesome} while i went thru some of the utensils and scrubbed out drawers. i kept getting distracted and ended up doing other jobs and before ya knew it, i was looking at the clock, thinking, "damn, it's only 3?!?!" i'm tuckered and after i shower, i'm gonna loaf around in my jammies. maybe i'll work on crocheting this baby blanket i've been wanting to do, but haven't cuz after cleaning and stuff, my hands are usually in the claw position and that's not the best position to crochet, doncha know.

mom is ready to call it a day too. she's cooking tonight. jert spent the day doing all sorts of rough, tough, and manly things like pouring concrete and hauling cabinets and sawing wood and stuff that exhausts me just to think of.

it's been a day. and tho this weekend was great, i'm beat. and i think we all are needing to take a day off soonish.

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