16 April 2009

hand me that desk

yea!!! memommamia is gonna be here tomorrow!! yea!!! actually, i was thinking i'd put her up at my place on the farm, and had started to do some deep cleaning in preparation of her stay. but then, it turns out that she isn't gonna have her own vehicle and so i think i'll prepare a room at jert's so that there is less mileage accumulated on his truck and it'll just make things that much simplier.

so with that and other things in mind {namely, huh-UGE yard sale saturday morning}, i started to give some thought to which bedroom to put her into for the time being (at least on the first night). once i got started clearing and cleaning, i couldn't stop. there was just so much screaming and vying for my attention {pick me, debRAH; no, no pick ME; no, No, NO i'm next}. after jert got home last night, we moved some things and i realized that my arm muscles are getting to be nicely developed, along with my thigh muscles, and my back, and my tummy...oh! and my ears...in short, i feel like a full body workout has consumed my every waking minute for days even tho i only did stuff for awhile yesterday.

i finally showered and got in my jammies and finished up a baby blanket to go with the burping cloth and baby mat for the newest grandchild. but! then i thought of OOOONE more thing, and that led to something else, oh! and that too, don't forget that...and before i realized it, jert was eyeing me with concern and then voiced it, "doncha need to take a break?" which became "i'm getting worried, stop, sit down, it'll be there tomorrow". to which i replied, "just one more thing, i promise" which of course led to others and then i said, "hand me that desk".

it's time for me to go don my super woman cape and tights now...oooooooh, and goggles!! {squeals of delight} and some kick-ass boots!!!

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