24 April 2009

butterfly milk and other ponderables

this evening, the weather was so wonderful that jert and i rode the bike to see his grandson's play {the rather apropos lorax, by suess~~good job, kid, good job!}. mom and i took most of the day at ease and plan to do the same tomorrow. jert took me to get sno-balls at a favored stand prior to the play, so it was a great way to end the exhausting week and begin a good weekend.

and today was jert's middle child's birthday. so in her honor, ahem, we shall all sing a song we all know and love...

hapPEE birthDAY to you
happy BIRTHday to you
happy birthday dear youUUuu

i'll be sending ya some crawfish, keep an eye out for it!! {*smirk~*}

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