04 September 2008

Tales from Tupelo

Today, a dear friend and I had a great visit with lots of laughs and some gasps and some, "no, really?"s, and just catching up on what's what with each other over coffee (decaf, I know, I know, but I want to be able to sleep tonight) and sweet potato fries.  I love getting together with her!  When we do speak on the telephone {I've spoken on the phone more this past month than all five previous years put together, we'll see how long that lasts}, she and I flow easily from one topic to the other for hours.

Today, I was sharing a few funnies with her about my recent ten day stay in the hospital.  In the interest of confidentiality, of course, I've not related very much at all about anything regarding that time period.  But I think that I'm fairly safe with sharing tales like this:

In the common room (sort of set up like a very austere waiting room at a much neglected clinic), we had some odd bugs that resembled a cross between ants and large flies.  There weren't many, but enough that we all noticed them.  Not to worry tho!

A young man was restlessly pacing the room, slapping his palm with a rolled up New Testament.  Every now and then, WHAP!, he'd smack a mystery bug and kill it dead better than Raid.  The funny part?

With each WHAP! of the New Testament, he'd joyously exclaim, "I bible blessed that bug!"


  1. That IS funny!   "I BELIEVE!"    Anne

  2. Oh my ... clever guy .. didn't have to feel the guilt.  


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