12 September 2008

OH! she'll be cominroundthemountain when she comes (when she comes)

MeMom is coming to visit me!  She'll be here Monday, late afternoon, early evening.  She's driving in from the other side of Arkansas, so it's about a solid 8 hour drive without potty breaks, leg stretches, gas refills, and the like.  I'm just so damn excited I'll wear myself out before she even gets here!  I have a few projects that I want to finish before she gets here (or ya know, barring that, before she leaves again).

So I may be scant over the weekend with entries and may not post at all while she is here next week (I don't know how long she will be staying).  I'm alright, just ya know, letting life intervene and take precedence over any self-held obligation to continue writing/thinking in this format.  Between getting ready for her visit, then her visit, and my computer glitches; I may be scantily here (that'd be a sight to see!).

Hope your mid-September is positive, too!


  1. hope everyone has a good time.  i have family in berryville, arkansas!  beautiful place!  check out my blog..i have no idea how were supposed to get people to read these things lol!

  2. Oh, I am excited for you!  Have a wonderful visit, but remember, don't wear yerself out before she gets there.  ;)

  3. I'm so glad she is coming for a visit. Have great fun!   Anne


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