10 September 2008

no excuses

Last night, I did something I am so not proud of.  And of course, I'm sharing it when instead I could be sitting nice and pretty and keeping my mouth shut.  Well, last night, I should have kept my mouth shut.  sigh.

Instead, I left a score of messages (ok, that is a slight exaggeration, it wasn't twenty; it just feels like it) on my ex-guy's cell phone.  cringe.  I was hateful and hurtful.  I mean, I was completely full of hurt and full of hate and feeling righteous rage; which all overflowed and spewed forth in a very ugly display of all sorts of feelings.

Feelings are fine, but unfortunately, I let loose and acted on those rather toxic feelings.  I'm deeply ashamed and this morning, first thing, I did call and apologize.  I regret having been so low and ugly.

What I said, I meant, yes.  That is still no excuse for having said all that in the first place, especially in the manner which I did so.  My sincere apologies were/are expressed.  I realize tho that that does not excuse the actions I committed.

I'm very sorry for having been so ugly, hateful, hurtful, and low.  'Twasn't my finest hour(s).  I take full responsibility for my actions.

No excuses.


  1. After what he did to you? You had a good couple hundred rants coming to you, lil nut!
    Let it make you feel BETTER.

  2. ah honey, We've all done shit like that.  Roll with it!  Besides, I'm sure he deserved it!   Anne

  3. He deserved every bit of it and more! Yet, knowing you, I know it wasn't your nature to be hurtful. It's done and over now...but I gotta ask didn't it feel good to get that out of your system and give it to him both barrels? (Hugs)Indigo


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