14 September 2008

don't never use no negatives, no?

some folks love my logic and others plead confusion, at any rate, i usually know what i mean to say as well as knowing of what i speak.  which ya know are two very different things.  i wish more folks would say what they mean, and mean what they say, more often.

is that such a difficult thing to ask?


  1. I understand everythink you sez, lil nut!

  2. Honey, You are in the South..............it's a common thing.  I still think it's funny though.   Anne

  3. I think I know YOU well enough to understand that of which you speak even if I don't know what you are saying ... but I plead total confusion with others on some days in some places.  Know what I mean?

  4. Oh ... and my trip to the post office last week?  Totally missed it. :::sigh:::  So I'm not promising moondust and starts but perhaps this week?  LOL


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