02 September 2008


For the past month, generally I've been waking somewhere between 6am and 7:30a.  The odd part of that is that when I wake up, I am not experiencing the fogged fuzzy disconnected disoriented feeling.  Only a few times have I woken in the midst of a panic attack (oh, so not fun).  Mostly, I've been waking with clear mental acuity and fairly peaceful of mind.

I tend to take advantage of that by either journaling (hand-written), reading, thinking, or looking things up online.  Around 10a, I experience a sincere desire to nap for a short time.  In part this is because I am not accustomed to taking meds during the day and for the last two weeks, I've been taking one dose at 8a and another at 2p.  This med is one of my sleepy/night time meds and as a side-effect, it really lays me low.  I probably will get used to it and hopefully the strong urge to nap will abate.  However, it may take some time.  No rush, esp since I am in no need of not napping.  {wink}

This med is to help stabilize some of my panic and anxiety levels.  At night time, I take it with a combination of other meds to help me sleep and such.  If I take no meds, I am cranked and wired and it throws off my whole sleep pattern and before ya know it, I've triggered my own mania and end up scrubbing the faucets with a toothbrush and planning world peace {well, not world peace, so much as inner peace; start at home, dudes!} while recalculating my budget in various scenarios.

All this to say that I'm up, I'm dressed, and I'm feeling positive at the moment.  I hope you are too!  Have a good day and for those starting their weeks today, you're that much closer to Friday.

Grins, Debra

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  1. It's evening as I am reading this..........but hope you had a good one.  Anne


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